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Bike Road Trip Application for Mobile

A team of four, our challenge was to initiate the design process of a road trip application for mobile devices. After coming back to the table with our research, we discovered what would set us apart from the other teams in this assignment was to come up with a bike road trip app. Deciding on this direction, we came up with more ideas, a persona, storyboard, and we each did a portion of the application.

MVC Protype

Brown & Riding Insurance Services needed a site where underwriting brokers could one-time sign-in to fill out various insurance forms and applications for quick turnaround quotes. The biggest need was to sign-in on this site to another site database where documents were then viewed. It was my first site where I implemented cs call back to the SQL server to generate lists:

Site Evaluation -

This was a visual design challenge. I was required to only present visual pros and cons, and then provide a solution.


Magazine Ads

Ads are about how I can visually impact the viewer, so they need to stand out more than any other ad in the magazine. Vacation advertising is about showing a location or activity that makes the viewer say, "I want to go there!".

Published works include Outside Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Coastal Living, National Geographic Traveler, Robb Report, Recommend, and Travel Age West.


This collection of tri-folds are brand recognized; clean with precise descriptions. I wanted to provide the brokers with solid materials to aid them in enforcing their visit with key wordage supporting what the company does as well as offer something visually stimulating:


I design and build out email newsletters with cross-email server compatibility in mind. I am familiar with several email service companies, and I am very versed in CAN list policies and email management best practices. Here are just a few of the emails I built from scratch for Holland Line America and Un-Cruise Adventures.


About me

I am a graphic designer with experience in print and web designs and brand marketing. I play well with both in-house marketing departments and creative agencies. I love a good brainstorm session where any and all ideas are thrown on the table.

What I’ve done

I’ve summited Mt. Rainier. I’ve lead lacrosse teams to National tournaments and won. I painted a 17 foot high mural in my loft – it was a blueprint cross-section of the AT-AT Walker and the X-Wing fighter. I led a horse to water and it drank.

What I do

I meet with clients, discuss their business and what they would like to produce. I do the research. I procure several comps with which to play around; mix up, omit, add on, scratch out, re-color, enhance. I test, test and test, test and test. I rework it in my head in the shower, before I wake up, during dinner, and with friends. I re-apply, I reflect, I move forward.

I enjoy projects that inspire my creativity and put to use my problem solving skills. Please feel free to contact me at:

For further sleuthing, you can find me socially and professionally connected via:

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